DIY Flooring Ideas That Cost You Less Than Expected [Picture Instructions]

Flooring is an important step for interior design, hardwood is one of the best choice, but it might cost a lot for even single room. If you can do it yourself on hardwood installation, you can save a lot on manpower, too. Carpet is another common alternative, but it requires special daily care. Contact paper, plank wood are often used, too. What if we can find other ways to make your flooring look in high value while cost you less? Our Home Improvement Channel is going to share you a list of DIY Flooring ideas that are unique and enhance the value of your concrete floor.

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01. DIY Pallet Wood Flooring

Pallet wood can be torn down and used as basic flooring supply, but it does require some care and treatment. How to prepare them for flooring, how to treat, coat and finish? There is an answer from Rancher Girl’s pallet flooring guide. Arrange to different patterns as chevron, squares or just stripes as the wood texture goes.
DIY Pallet Wood Flooring Instructions - DIY Flooring Ideas Low Cost

Image and Instructions: A Building We Shall Go Blogspot

02. DIY Copper Penny Flooring

Collect pennies seems a big task to complete, but where do you always put your pennies? Think about it and maybe you will get ready for your penny floor in a year or two. Wash pennies clean, glue to floor and use polyurethane, epoxy sealer and glue to treat your penny flooring.

DIY Copper Penny Flooring Instructions - DIY Flooring Ideas Low Cost

Image and Instructions: USA Love ListHandimaniaTeche Blog

03. DIY Wood Log Flooring

A much cheaper floor comprises horizontal cuts of oak, birch, and maple tree logs, as well as tiny twigs and branches in between.

DIY Wood Log Flooring Instructions - DIY Flooring Ideas Low Cost

Image and Instructions: Cordwood Construction & Grig Stamate on Youtube

04. DIY Geometric Wood Flooring

Cut the wood planks into triangles and arrange them into different geometric shapes, add colors and lines to make them pop on ground.

DIY Geometric Wood Flooring Instructions - DIY Flooring Ideas Low Cost

Image and Instructions: Vintage Revivals

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