45 Crochet Women Sweater Coat Cardigan Free Patterns [Open Front]

43. Mod Tiles Cardigan

Mod Tiles Cardigan Crochet Free Pattern - #Crochet; Women Sweater Coat & #Cardigan; Free Patterns

The Mod Tiles Cardigan is a fresh take on traditional crochet motifs.  Image and Free Pattern: Universal Yarn

44. The Campfire Cardigan

The Campfire Cardigan Crochet Free Pattern - #Crochet; Women Sweater Coat & #Cardigan; Free Patterns

The two simple granny hexagons are what form the chest and shoulders of the sweater.  Image and Free Pattern: Make and Do Crew

45. Rainbow Elf Coat

Rainbow Elf Coat Crochet Free Pattern - #Crochet; Women Sweater #Coat; Cardigan Free Patterns [Open Front]

This elegant fantasy-inspired sweater coat features an A-line silhouette with a curling, pointed geometric hem shape inspired by flower blossoms, delicate pointed bell sleeves, and of course a long and ample pointed elf hood. : Morale Fiber Blog

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