20 Crochet Women Vest Free Patterns

A list of crochet Crochet Women Vest Free Patterns for Spring Summer Sweater Outwear. Our Crochet Channel today is going to share this suspended list of vest which are perfect to hook out in Spring, the list includes Draped vest, open front vest, peek a boo vest, circle vest and more designs, Separate from the Crochet Circular Vest Sweater Jacket Cardigan Free Patterns, these vests are easy to crochet with basic stitches, good for beginner to level up the skills with out-coming wardrobe addition. Perfect to drape over t-shirts and dresses. Scroll down and see which one fits the style of your ones, crochet with your own yarn selection, and change the size if you are seasoned on crochet to create matching ones for mom-daughter outfits.

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01. Striped Triangle Shawl-Vest

Crochet Striped Triangle Shawl-Vest Free Pattern - #Crochet; Women #Vest; Free Patterns

This free pattern steps up the granny triangle shawl by adding arm-holes so it can also be worn as a vest! Image and Free Pattern: thesnugglery.net

02. Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap

Crochet Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap Free Pattern - #Crochet; Women #Vest; Free Patterns

Image and Free Pattern:: MissNeriss Crochet Design

03. Lace Stitch Rhapsody Vest

Crochet Lace Stitch Rhapsody Vest Free Pattern - #Crochet; Women #Vest; Free Patterns

Image and Free Pattern & Video: Furls Crochet

04. Mesh Vest

Crochet Mesh Vest Free Pattern - #Crochet; Women #Vest; Free Patterns

The Vest is formed from a rectangle, with openings for armholes. The foundation row forms the front and neck edges, and the last row forms the lower edge. Image and Free Pattern: Lion Brand Yarn 

05. Brandywine Falls Vest

Crochet Brandywine Falls Vest Free Pattern - #Crochet; Women #Vest; Free Patterns

This pattern is for an open and airy vest using the soft Lion Brand Scarfie yarn. Made in one large piece so very little sewing other than a few inches at the shoulder seams. Image and Free Pattern: Nana’s Crafty Home

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