Bring In Bed Frame Garden Bench Into Your Outdoor Seating

An excellent way to upcycle into a stunning Bench and turn it into something that is both useful and beautiful. If you don’t have one, be sure to check out local Garage Sales and Junk Shops. They can be found for very little money and you will love the results. Be sure to check out the Storage Bed Head Bench below too and don’t forget to Pin your favourite Projects. Using the two sides, headboard and foot board to make the frame of the bench. If you want you can also put a slab at its base to become a storage chamber. To make the seat of the bench use the ribs of the bed or slabs of plywood or pallets. Paint the bench in the color of your choice and place it next to your windows or in your outdoor area.

DIY Bed Frame Garden Bench Painted

Image: Hometalk

Brittany, The pretty handy girl

DIY Repurposed Bed Frame Garden Bench Instructions

Image and Instructions: The pretty Handy Girl

A bed frame is transformed as the basis of this garden bench from slattered scrap wood as seat

DIY Bed Frame Garden Bench with Storage

Image: Jills Abode

As of the twin bed turned into twin bench from Just Jill, instead of using the scrap wood for the bench seat,  solid wood can be an ideal alternative as it can be hinged so that an extra storage is created underneath.

DIY Bed Turned Garden Bench with Storage

Image: Jills Abode

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