DIY Bubble Quilt Blanket Sew Pattern [Picture Instructions+Video]

Grandma is always busy with her sewing machine, do you want to sew something for your home as our busy grandma? Today our Craft Channel will share a wonder sew project for our little ones as well as our home – The Puff  (Bubble) Blanket.  This sew project is easy, but need time and patience and perfect for beginners to practice on the sewing machine, and that’s why it’s on our sew list. Awaiting Ada made a hit on her bubble quilt for her newborn years ago, she made each puffs and sew them together to make her quilts super bubble as floor cushion for baby to keep warm, safe and play. These bubbles are just like the biscuits arranged in a row, and has a fun name biscuit quilt. Her new improved version by sewing the puff before inserting the polyfil makes the total sew process easier. While sew crafters are trying to make this puff quilts even more easier and create several versions to save our time and efforts. Scroll down to the bottom to see your favorite technique for your next sew project.

Ada cut and stitch around the empty puffs, and join them into quilts top, and add fillings by cutting extra holes at the back of puffs. It makes sewing on machine accessible but still need some hand stitching work. It worth all the times and efforts though quite time consuming.

DIY Bubble Quilt Sew Pattern Puff Blanket Biscuit Quilt Sew Pattern Instruction - video

Image and Instructions: Awaiting Ada

She also use each puffs as pixel and arrange them into adorable owl quilts, so clever and inspirational to create any characters and monograms for bedding and cushions. You can see her finished work on her Etsy store.

DIY Pixel Owl Bubble Quilt Sew Pattern Puff Blanket Biscuit Quilt Sew Pattern Instruction - video

Images:  Awaiting Ada on Etsy

Geta from Geta’s Quilting Studio make the sew work easier by sewing three sides of the puffs and adding fillings. Then stitch all puffs to make the puff cushion for the chairs. See the video below and you will love this simple technique.

DIY Bubble Quilt Sew Pattern Puff Blanket Biscuit Quilt Chair Cover Sew Pattern Instruction - video

Image and Instructions: Sew We Quilt

Video: Audra Kurtz on Youtube

Sara on sew sweetness makes the simplest puff cushion by joining puff squares in rows, and if you don’t want to spend too much time, this will be another wonderful choice to save all the efforts.

DIY Bubble Quilt Chair Cover Sew Pattern Puff Blanket Biscuit Quilt Instruction - video

Image and Instructions: Sew Sweetness