DIY Crayon Candle Ideas [Picture Instructions]

Crayons are easy to crack or get too short to use, and these Crayon Candle ideas are just right craft projects you can DIY to get best out of the leftover crayons. It’s simple to make your own, with some crayon and white wax. Beeswax Crayons are recommended as they are all natural and toxic free under heat. Scent oil can also be added. You can make them tilt with block color, or just lay different color over each other, pour one layer first, cool it down before adding the next layer. Or you may get bored with all these and want to try to soda candle. Go creative with all the color combination, straight, contrast or ombre. We have an awesome collection to make beautiful homemade candle here.

DIY Crayon Soda Candle

DIY Crayon Soda Candle Instruction-Crayon Candle Ideas

Image and Instructions: Easy Fresh Idea Craft

DIY Color Block Crayon Candle

Brit & Co makes the color block candle buy tilting the dixie cup right after pouring the melted crayon wax, the large geometric color mix makes it special for room or spa decoration. There is video instruction included and don’t miss the details there.

DIY Color Block Crayon Candle Instruction-Crayon Candle Ideas

Image and Instructions: Brit Co

DIY Layered Crayon Candle

To make it easier by adding a layer over another of different colors, quick, simple yet totally beautiful.

DIY Layered Crayon Candle Instruction-Crayon Candle Ideas

Image and Instructions: Adventures In Making

DIY Layered Scent Crayon Candle

If you love scent, oh, many ladies do, add scent during mixing the crayon mix, choose different scent for bedroom, bathroom, or for different holidays.

DIY Layered Scent Crayon Candle Instruction-Crayon Candle Ideas

Image and Instructions: Hello Glow

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