5 DIY Easter Bunny Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Easter is one of the biggest event for kids, and crafting own gift favors is the funnest thing they will do, too. Easter bunnies, chicks, carrots, eggs, all are perfect choice for us. We are going to share the easiest craft ideas to DIY Easter bunny gift that even toddlers and preschooler can help making themselves.

01. DIY Lollipop Easter Bunny Sucker

Use Lollipops directly by adding pipe ears, styrofoam head and wood feet as stand. Fun for kids to glue these eyes and pom poms on these cute Easter Bunny suckers.

DIY Lollipop Easter Bunny Sucker-Easter Bunny Gift Ideas

Image and Instructions: Clean and Scentsible

02. DIY Paper Plate Bunny Basket

Use two paper plates to create a bunny basket holder but punching together and adding ears, ribbon handle.

DIY Paper Plate Bunny Basket-Easter Bunny Gift Ideas

Image and Instructions: Small Steps online

03. DIY Paper Bag Bunny Treat

Cut paper bag directly into bunny and tie at the ears, the easiest gift favors kids can do, but may need help from parents to trace the line first. Be sure to supervise kids while cutting.

DIY Paper Bag Bunny Treat-Easter Bunny Gift Ideas

Image: Stick Stitch Cut

04. DIY Envelope Bunny Treat

Envelope is another great source to make bunny bag

DIY Envelope Bunny Treat-Easter Bunny Gift Ideas

Image and Instructions: Consumer Crafts

05.Easter Bunny Bottle Treat

Recycle plastic bottles with Easter treats inside, cupcake liner and bunny ear for finish.

DIY Plastic Bottle Bunny Treat-Easter Bunny Gift Ideas

Image and Instructions: Happy Clippings