Fun Hot Glue Gun Crafts You Can Play With

Hot Glue Gun has been a really hot craft supply for long time, it replaces sewing needle and thread to make sew projects handy and easy. Hot glue sticks, a matching plastic that can be melted for sculpting and crafting. And today our Craft Channel will share some fun hot glue gun crafts that are beyond our imagination. There are large number of DIY projects using hot glue gun for home decoration, jewelry and kids play! If you are just getting started with glue gun, check out these inspirational and creative craft ideas below, and you will be amazed not to go out and get one hot glue gun in your craft room.

01. Hot Glue Candle Votive

DIY Hot Glue Candle Votive Instruction-DIY Hot Glue Gun Crafts Ideas

Image and Instructions: Curbly

02. Hot Glue Coral Decor

DIY Hot Glue Coral Decoration Instruction-DIY Hot Glue Gun Crafts Ideas

Image and Instructions: Oh Oh Blog

03. Mimic Stained Glass

DIY Faux Stained Glass Canvas Art-DIY Hot Glue Gun Crafts Ideas

Image:  Donna Downey

04.  Glitter Spider Web Shoes

DIY Glitter Hot Glue Spider Web Shoes Instruction-Hot Glue Gun Crafts Ideas

Image and Instructions: Oh My Creative

 05. Hot Glue Mask

DIY Hot Glue Mask Instruction Video

Image and Video Instructions: KlairedeLys on Youtube

06. Hot Glue Harry Potter Wand

DIY Hot Glue Harry Potter Wand Instruction-Hot Glue Gun Crafts Ideas

Image and Instructions: Boxy Colonial

07. Hot Glue Halloween Decor

DIY Hot Glue Halloween Egg Decor Instruction- Hot Glue Gun Crafts

Image and Instructions: Magiamia Blogspot

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