DIY Tardis Bookshelf Ideas Free Plans [Picture Instructions]

If you or your family member was born in the 1960’s or 1970’s, you might be also fascinated by this precious blue box seen in British science-fiction TV – Dr Who by the BBC.  It’s over 50 years, but still we are after the frictional vehicle that performs as “a dimensional gateway to a micro-universe”. Though the blue box can not send us to the outspace, we can create more Tardis furniture and decorations to meet our passion and love of DR. WHO. This Blue Box was created in the form of a British police call box in the TV Series, and has become an icon for Doctor Who fans. And our Home Channel will share with your some DIY projects to make your own Tardis Bookshelves.

Tardis Bookshelf from Cabinet

Salvage your old cabinet by adding door, faux paint the window, and painting the whole body blue to make this tardis bookself. Katherine Youngs tore down her old storage cabinet, spray paint over and reassemble after paint dry. The whole idea saves tons of time to build the wood shelf, the new “roof” and screw of all the parts makes this upcycled cabinet an even more sturdy furniture for home upgrade.

DIY Cabinet Tardis Bookshelf Instructions-Tardis Bookshelf Ideas Free Plan

Image and Instructions: Own Two Hands

DIY Tardis Bookshelf/Media Storage

Hometalk has another idea to make this tardis bookshelf from cabinet. The media storage one is my favorite and looks more easier to craft by using the cube shelves directly, or just repaint the current media center for a new look. Genius.

DIY Cabinet Tardis Bookshelf Media Storage Instructions-Tardis Bookshelf Ideas Free Plan

Image and Instructions: Hometalk

Wood Tardis Bookshelf

Build a tardis bookshelf can be easy, too. with some board nailed together, and Paint it to be an open shelf tardis bookcase such as kylee made.

How to Build Wood Tardis Bookshelf Instructions-Tardis Bookshelf Ideas Free Plan

Image and Instructions: Kylee Lane

Build Wood Tardis Bookshelf with Light

The Tardis Bookshelf by Gears for Brains on Instructibles is more complicated with light in the cabinet and horn on the top. The bookshelf is build from plywood board, for any woodworkers who is so confident on carpentry skills can start the challenge: Make a shelf cabinet yourself, and paint its surface, add string lights in the cabinet and along the “POLICE BOX” sign out of the cabinet.

How to Build Wood Tardis Bookshelf With Sound Light Instructions-Tardis Bookshelf Ideas Free Plan

Image and Instructions: Instructables

Which one will be your next DIY project? You can give us a Tweet and submit your work, or just drop a message below.

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