12 DIY Yarn Crafts You Don’t Need To Crochet

Today our Craft Channel is going to take a rest and share a easy and fun list of DIY yarn crafts you don’t need to crochet. These yarn crafts are good to use out all the left yarns that tangled in mind. They are fun to make with the family, especially for kids or for parties. Except to wrap all the boards, glasses or everything around the house, we can make cute yarn dolls, wigs for kids, bracelets for teens, and some cute yarn projects for the coming Easter. Scroll down and see what we have included and having fun with your crochet fellows.

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01. DIY Woven Yarn Bangles

DIY Woven Yarn Bangles Instruction - Yarn Crafts No Crochet

Image and Instructions: My Poppet

02. DIY Yarn Doll DIY Yarn Doll Instruction - Yarn Crafts No Crochet

Image and Instructions: Craft Stylish

03. DIY Princess Leia Yarn Wig

DIY Princess Leia Yarn Wig Instruction - Yarn Crafts No Crochet

Image and Instructions: Repeat Crafter Me

04. DIY Yarn Wigs DIY Yarn Wigs Instruction 4 Ways - Yarn Crafts No Crochet

Image and Instructions: Made Everyday

05. DIY Yarn Chickens  DIY Yarn Chickens Instruction - Yarn Crafts No Crochet

Image and Instructions: Easy Fresh Ideas

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