20 Fun Halloween Hat Crochet Free Patterns and MORE

A list of Crochet Halloween Hat Free Patterns as well as some paid pattern recommendations by scrolling down to the bottom. Halloween is one of the most wonderful celebration for Autumn, harvest celebration with pumpkins, and costume dressing up for kids and adults. Crochet Halloween hats are another favorite projects to hook out for Halloween. Today our Crochet Channel going to share the collection of fun Halloween hats for all the ages, men and women. There are witch hats, wizard hats,Helmet Hat, batman, Harley Quinn Hat, Viking Beard and more covered, scroll down and crochet some for your family and prepare for your spooktacular Halloween night.

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Twisted Kraken Hat Crochet Patterns #Crochet; #Halloween; #Hat;

Twisted Kraken hat: The Twisted Kraken pattern is only available in Adult size at the moment. Image: Jmoria; and paid pattern: The Twisted Hatter

Krampus Hat Crochet Free Patterns #Crochet; #Halloween; #Hat;

Krampus Hat: this crazy crochet hat is designed after the traditional European Christmas monster who accompanies Santa to scare anyone who isn’t on the Nice list! The fuzzy, furry pile on the fabric comes from a dense layer of chain loops worked onto the hat every other round. Image and Free Pattern: Morale Fiber; or purchase on Ravelry.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Crochet Free Patterns #Crochet; #Halloween; #Hat;

Harry Potter Sorting Hat: Free pattern for making a quick and easy Harry Potter Sorting Hat! Uses double strands of worsted or one strand of chenille, made with a large hook. Image: Maryfairy; and free pattern: CraftyisCool.

Lael Viking Helmet Hat Crochet Patterns #Crochet; #Halloween; #Hat;

Lael Viking Helmet: Crochet this for you or whoever else you think might appreciate a warm viking helmet. This pattern includes the following sizes: Small (0-6), Medium (6 mo. – 3 yrs), Large (Child/adult). Image and Paid Pattern: Mamachee Etsy Shop.

Viking or Dwarven Beard Crochet Free Patterns #Crochet; #Halloween;

Viking or Dwarven Beard: Looks so good on the cutest guy, a beard pattern for the viking hat patch. Image and Free Pattern: Totally Stitching

Batman Hat Crochet Free Patterns #Crochet; #Halloween; #Hat;

Batman Hat: Image and Free Pattern and Video: Crochet Lovers on Youtube, or purchase on BeccasBeanies.

Batman Hat Crochet Free Patterns #Crochet; #Halloween; #Hat;

Bat Hat: Crocheted ‘bat-hat’ with ears and mask for children in DROPS Snow. Sizes 1 – 8 years. Image and Free Pattern: DROPS Design

Extra Thick Knights Helmet Hat Crochet Free Patterns #Crochet; #Halloween; #Hat;

Extra Thick Knights Helmet: This pattern is for Adult size Small(22-23”), Medium (23”-24”) or Large size (24-25”) Knights Helmet Hat, It’s made twice as thick for extra warmth and stability. The detachable and movable visor add extra protection on those cold days for your mouth and nose. Image and Free Pattern: BrieCrochet Designs

Cthulhu Octopus hat Crochet Free Patterns #Crochet; #Halloween; #Hat;

Cthulhu Octopus hat: Image and Free Pattern: Amy Hitchcock on Ravelry; Video on Youtube.

Witch or Wizard Crochet Hats Free Patterns #Crochet; #Halloween; #Hat;

Crochet Witch or Wizard Hats: Impress the party with these spooktacular crochet masterpieces to complete a witch, warlock or wizard costume. Choose your topper and let’s get started on this playful piece using colors from Lily Sugar’n Cream. Image and Free Pattern: Lily Sugar’n Cream.

Harley Quinn Hat Crochet Free Patterns #Crochet; #Halloween; #Hat;

Harley Quinn Hat: It’s a low cost project, my total was under 10 bucks! Image and Free Pattern: Crochet Verse.

Witch Hats Crochet Free Patterns #Crochet; #Halloween; #Hat;

Witch Hats: Everything you need to make your new project is included in this kit! Image and Free Pattern: Michele Wilcox on Yarnspiration Stitch 11. More on Next Page …

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