Pebble Stone Cozy Crochet Free Patterns

It is no unusual to craft with pebbles and rocks, and we can purchase these little stones in craft store already. While you are hunting for beautiful shaped rocks, you can now crochet a layer of clothing with these crochet pebble stone cozy free patterns Our  Crochet Channel is going to share today with you yarn lovers. It is such a warm and creative idea to crochet these stone covers for your fairy or zen garden indoor, or scatter them over your spa table, or on the corner of your worktable to grant you enlightenment and tranquility. And these projects are easy for beginners to learn and for experienced crocheters to use out the hand spun or luxury yarn leftovers. With a bit creation from crochet rounds or doily patterns, you can even crochet your own style. They are so similar to crochet egg cozy, with you can bring the pattern, too.

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01. Crochet Covered Sea Stones

Crochet Covered Sea Stones Free Pattern #Crochet; Pebble #Stone; Cozy Free Patterns

This gift to the crocheter’s mother is part of the commitment to give only handmade gifts this year.  Image: Flax and Twine; Free Pattern: Purl SOHO

Covered Sea Stones Crochet Free Pattern #Crochet; Pebble #Stone;

The instructions are for a stone about 5 cm in diameter but can easily be adapted to any size. If you can crochet a chain, make a single and double crochet stitch then you are ready to make a covered stone. Image and Free Pattern: Purl SOHO

02. On the Rocks

On the Rocks Pebble Cozy Crochet Free Pattern-#Crochet; Pebble #Stone;

Strewn across a table, stacked on a shelf or piled in a shallow bowl, you’ll definitely want to pet these rocks. Image and Free Pattern: Simply Notable. Pattern discontinued, but easy to whip up with the picture. R1 – [2tr into magic ring , ch3] * 8; R2 – [3tr into ch3 space , ch5] * 8; R3 – [5sc into ch5 space , sc] * 8; R5 – ch4, (2 dc in ch space, ch 2) repeat; R6 – (ch3, sk ch 3 space, sc in next dc) repeat; Fasten off, leaving long end. Weave through R7 ch spaces, cinch tight, tie off.

03. Winter Berries  Crochet Covered  Stone

Winter Berries Crochet Covered  Stone Free Pattern-#Crochet; Pebble #Stone;

Making another “Winter Berries” crochet covered stone under a cloak of white snowflakes. Image and Free Pattern: Foothill Home Companion

04. Rainbow Mini Mandala Rock

Crochet Rainbow Mini Mandala Rock Free Pattern-#Crochet; Pebble #Stone;

You can use this mandala for ANYTHING, a mini dream catcher, an applique, a coasterImage and Free Pattern: Crochetverse Website

 05. Zen Garden Willow Rocks

Crochet Zen Garden Willow Rocks Free Pattern #Crochet; Pebble #Stone;

Image and Free Pattern: Elizabeth Gormley’s Ravelry Store

06. Lacy River Rocks

Crochet Lacy River Rocks Free Pattern-#Crochet; Pebble #Stone;

 Image: StrongandMellow; and Free Pattern: Margaret Oomen on Ravelry

07. Mor Glor Snowflake

Crochet Mor Glor Snowflake Rock Free Pattern-#Crochet; Pebble #Stone;

They are the perfect addition to my garden collection, and I hope the pollinators are helping spread this gem all over the garden. Image and Free Pattern: Snow Catcher

08. Stone Fish Cozy

Crochet Stone Fish Cozy Free Pattern-#Crochet; Pebble #Stone;

Keep your napkins or magazine in place during the barbeque with this fun stone fish cozy. Image and Free Pattern: Mrs Hooked

09. Crochet Flower Rock Cozy

Crochet Flower Rock Cozy Free Pattern-#Crochet; Pebble #Stone;

That’s a summery handicraft project that you can even take to the beach or the bathing lake: pebbles crocheted with cheerful floral patterns. Image and Free Pattern: Buttinette

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