These 8 Fun Outdoor Kid Swings Will Bring More Joy Into Your Garden

Tire can be easily shaped due to its easy to cut feature, you may need some artistic talent for drawing a basic horse shape and some tools to cut the tire for this cool horse swing, and change it to other riding animals as deer, elephant, zebra…

DIY Animal Horse Tire Swing Instructions

Image: Amazon, Instructions: Instructables

If you have a bookworm in the house, get them a swing chair in their room to cozy up in and lose themselves in the book’s magic world. Sew an easy hammock chair with nylon or other fabric for the reading nook, a casual and relaxing addition to your reading room, balcony and even outdoors.

DIY Hammock Swing Chair Instructions

Image and Instructions: A Beautiful Mess

Look at little Sam sitting in this hammock swing his mom Valerie made, so enjoying. With some piece of canvas, nylon rope, wood dowels, rings and you can customize this swing for your babies and kids in an hour!

DIY Baby Kids Hammock Canvas Swing Instructions

Image and Instructions: One Sassy Housewife

Recycle old jeans or shorts by adding the waist holder and rope (or chain) is such a quick and fun swing project for your little monsters.

DIY Kids Jean Swing Instructions

Image and Instructions: Instructables / Lazy Hippie Mama

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