These DIY Outdoor PVC Canopy Ideas Make Your Outdoor Even More Inviting

Amy on My happy crazy life figured out and created her adjustable outdoor PVC canopy over the sandbox for her kids to stay cool in the sun. It looks pretty easy to make with shower curtain rings, grommets, canvas, PVC sprinkler pipes set over stakes. You can sew the canopy, too. But be sure to measure the size correct for the seating areas to cover, as Amy mentioned.

DIY Outdoor PVC Canopy Shelter Instructions

Image and Instructions: My happy crazy life

The PVC Backyard Sunshade from Kreative Life is creative, and more eye catching part is to add flower pots through the rebar before holding the PVC, which is more detailed with natural beauty.

DIY Outdoor PVC Canopy Sunshade

Image and Instructions: The Kreative Life

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