12 Dog Sweater Crochet Free Patterns

A collection of Dog Sweater Crochet Free Patterns [ and for cat as well]. Love keeping your pup in the latest winter looks? Our  Crochet Channel is going to share this cozy list of different and amazing dog sweater designs that you can follow and hook all on your own.  And it can be surprise easy to crochet with basic sc, hdc, or dc stitches, if you’ve already mastered. If you’re a dog owner, or you have dog owner friends around, and would to share your love of animal care this Winter, you can whip up a handmade sweater for your pup in no time with a little yarn in your yarn stash. All of these patterns are free and available to download, and there are different sizes available here so whether big or small, your dog will look adorable in whichever color you choose from bold solids, stripes and fun or princess! Scroll down and get your pup a style, and smile when your pup takes a leap into that puddle! Be Sure to join our Pinterest Group for the latest and be sure to follow our Crochet Page, too.

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01. Ruffled Small Dog Sweater

Ruffled Small Dog Sweater Crochet Free Pattern - #Dog; #Sweater; #Crochet; Free Patterns

This ruffled small dog sweater is perfect for your little girl fur babies who are about 10-lbs. It’s so cute and stylish she’ll be prancing around like a pampered princess in her fancy tutu coat! Image and Free Pattern: Itchin’ for some Stitchin’

02. Bumble Bee Dog Sweater

Bumble Bee Dog Sweater Crochet Free Pattern&Video - #Dog; #Sweater; #Crochet; Free Patterns

Image and Free Pattern  & Video: Crochet guru

03. Year Of The Dog Sweater

Year Of The Dog Bobble Sweater Crochet Free Pattern - #Dog; #Sweater; #Crochet; Free Patterns

: Lion Brand Yarn

04. Lady Who Lunches Sweater

Lady Who Lunches Flower Sweater Crochet Free Pattern - #Dog; #Sweater; #Crochet; Free Patterns

Sides are seamed with sections left unsewn for leg openings. Flowers and Leaves are worked separately and sewed to Sweater. Image and Free Pattern: Lion Brand Yarn

05. Hot Dog Coat

Hot Dog Coat Crochet Free Pattern - #Dog; #Sweater; #Crochet; Free Patterns

Image and Free Pattern: Kj Hay

06. Polo Sweater

Polo Sweater Dog Coat Crochet Free Pattern - #Dog; #Sweater; #Crochet; Free Patterns

Image:  A Dog In A Sweater;   and Free Pattern: Jenna Wingate Designs

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