8 Top Trampoline Hacks To Make Your Backyard Awesome

Trampoline Swing Bed

If you’re tired of jumping on a trampoline, maybe you can sleep on it. With a sturdy hook and some sheets, you can create a gorgeous swinging canopy bed.

DIY Trampoline Swing Bed-8 Top Trampoline Hacks

Image: Pinterest

Trampoline Garden Fence

If you flip over a trampoline, it can transform into the perfect bed for a new garden. Just put soil over the surface and use the legs as a wall to keep out unwanted pests or hungry rodents.

Recycled Trampoline Garden Fence-8 Top Trampoline Hacks

Image: Pinterest

Trampoline Arch Door/Trellis

If you want to spice up the look of your home garden, take out the surface of the trampoline and use the frame as a stylish arch.

DIY Trampoline Garden Arch-8 Top Trampoline Hacks

Image: Pinterest

DIY Recycled Trampoline Patio Awning

You can extend the legs of a trampoline to turn it into an awning over your outdoor furniture. It will do great job of keeping you safe from the elements – just make sure it’s secure so it doesn’t fall over.

DIY Recycled Trampoline Patio Awning-8 Top Trampoline Hacks

Image: Salvaged Grace

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