10 Unexpected DIY Concrete Block Furniture Projects [Picture Instructions]

Wondering what to make with cinder blocks besides a brick wall? The heavy concrete blocks can be used for so many more things than outdoors. You can build cinder block furniture, use as a bed frame, cinder block garden, storage, desk and you can even paint them! If you want to spruce up your home and garden without breaking the bank, it’s time to look to an unlikely item: the cinder block. While these concrete chunks may look unsightly at first, they’re really a DIYer’s dream.There are tons of ways to transform cinder blocks into beautiful home creations — all of which are infinitely cheaper than their store-bought counterparts. Get started with one of these awesome projects!

01. DIY Cinder Block Sofa

DIY Cinder Block Sofa-10 DIY Concrete Block Furniture Projects

Image:  claudio Paguiar Blogspot

02. DIY Cinder Block TV Stand Console/ Entertainment

DIY Cinder Block TV Stand Console-10 DIY Concrete Block Furniture Projects

Image: Muotoseuraafunktiota BlogspotMaiko Nagao

03. DIY Cinder Block Coffee Table

DIY Cinder Block Coffee Table-10 DIY Concrete Block Furniture Projects

Image: Care 2Improvised Life

04. DIY Cinder Block Platform Bed

Here are some sensational ideas for cinder block beds! Note how it’s propped up on cinder blocks, which double as shoe storage!

DIY Cinder Block Platform Bed-10 Concrete Block Home Decorating Projects

Image: Design SpongeDesign Tripper

05. DIY Concrete Cinder Bookshelf

Arrange your favorite novels with these bookcases and bookends.

DIY Concrete Cinder Bookshelf-10 DIY Concrete Block Furniture Projects

Image: Apartment TherapyMindful of Beauty

06. DIY Cinder Block Wine Rack

Wine drinking can be an expensive habit. Cut back on costs by storing bottles in stacked cinder blocks. As your collection grows, expanding your storage capacity is as simple as putting additional blocks onto the assembly.

DIY Cinder Block Wine Rack-10 DIY Concrete Block Furniture Projects

Image: Photos

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