DIY String Light Backlit Canvas Art Ideas [Picture Instructions]

String lights are getting wide usage for home and outdoor decoration. There are so many ways to dress up the regular string lights for different themed celebration, and today our Home Channel is going to share a simple, fun yet creative DIY version of twinkle light up Canvas Art project for wall decoration. We can buy any canvas we love and poke holes to add string lights from the back. But for most craft Do-It-Yourselfers, we would love to personalize our own artwork on blank canvas with acrylic paint or spray paint, poking holes or carving patterns in canvas and stick the light bulbs through. These stunning piece of artwork not only looks gorgeous but makes any room more beautiful and alive. Let’s scroll down to see the collection of different ideas below and create our own wall arts.

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01. Light Up Snowman Canvas

Chas, Hometalker, shares the fun DIY idea to add Christmas lights through canvas for her Kids as well as her room with acrylic paint and battery operated lights. Easy and fun for kids to help.

DIY String Light Backlit Canvas Art Ideas Crafts - Light Up Snowman Canvas

Image and Instructions: Hometalk