5 DIY Terra Cotta Clay Pot Fountain Projects [Picture Instructions]

Bringing water features into home and garden decoration is a trend for most of us homeowners to do, either you have big garden with pond and fountain combination or with small even no garden to add small clay pot fountain inside house and on patio, it is so inviting and easy to do now. Running water brings life, and these easy and inexpensive DIY Terracotta Clay Pot fountain projects we share below will be onto your must to do garden design list. Decorating the garden and yard is something that many of us put off, but now don’t set back. All you need are just a few terracotta pots and saucers, a water pump to help circulate the water in your fountain, and some water plants and rock pebbles to decorate your fountains.

A small fountain will always be a good addition to bring life and happiness to your yard. Enjoying the the calming, relaxing and soothing sound of water movement by creating these beautiful clay pot fountains yourself into your home design. There are different versions below with step by step instructions available to follow, all of them are inspirational enough for us to craft, and we can even go beyond to paint with our artistic talent.

01.  DIY Terra Cotta Clay Pot Table Fountain

The mini potable clay pot table fountain couldn’t be easier, it uses pots and saucers of different size and stack them together, ideal for garden or office and home.There is nothing quite like the tranquil sound of water and it keeps the energy moving in your home.

DIY Terra Cotta Clay Pot Table Fountain Instructions

Image and Video Instruction: Menards on Youtube

02. DIY Terra Cotta Clay Pot Fountain

Use larger clay pot to make a big clay pot fountain to enhance your curb appealing.

DIY Terra Cotta Clay Pot Fountain Garden Instructions

Image and Instructions: Instructables

03. DIY Tiered Flower Pot Fountain

This tiered pot fountain project is a nice quick and easy one since you don’t really need all that many materials and tools. Take the time to dig the nursery and gardening stores to find the perfect pots.

DIY Tiered Flower Pot Fountain Instructions

Image and Instructions: Addicted2DIY

 04. Plant Pots to Water Fountain

Marie Blackburn posted a fun and simple tutorial of pot fountain at interior frugalista, which is even great for front porch and patio.

DIY Planter Pot Water Fountain Instructions

Image and Instructions: Interior Frugalista

05. Leaning Flower Pot Fountain

Look at the big difference it makes if you lean the smaller pot slightly from the top! It reminds me of the leaning vase, such a he beautiful visual impact!!

DIY Leaning Flower Clay Pot Fountain Instructions

Image and Instructions: The Happy Homebodies