Pallet Gardening Projects-How to Create Pallet Garden

It’s the right time to find some wood pallets and make pallet gardening this Spring, because you are here for an awesome list of pallet garden ideas and projects with detailed instructions. Pallets can be used for so many things indoors and outside that it’s becoming trendy for home and garden uses. And the ways to make pallet gardening are so versatile that it can be placed in blocks or go vertically. Now take out your gardener gloves and make your green thumb shine!

Marvis shows how she put together a a pallet garden easily, and give us the tip to choose a pallet fit for the garden: The Heat Treated stamped right on the pallet. Read all about her gardening instruction from her resourceful site: Creating a Pallet Garden.

Pallet Gardening Ideas-DIYHowto Create A Pallet Garden (Video)

Instructions: /Image: Plant Care Today

Vertical Strawberry Planter From A Pallet

Not all the wood pallets are safe for gardening, as Tanya at lovely greens clearly explains the difference between DBHT (safe) and DBMB (chemically treated). She made a vertical strawberry planter possible from single pallet with some basic woodworking skills, which stands with tumbling sides by sides. She even shares her in-depth video instructions on her site: lovely greens.

Vertical Strawberry Planter From A Pallet-Pallet Gardening IdeasInstructions and tutorial:

Pallet Garden in 7 Easy Steps

Another adorable pallet gardening project, make a Mini pallet garden using some recycled pallets. Use pallets to make a ladder shape structure then cover it with landscape fabric using staples, then place some plants in them.

Pallet Garden in 7 Easy Steps-Pallet Gardening Ideas-DIYHowto Create A Pallet Garden

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Hanging Clay Pot Pallet Planter

Instead of cutting the pallet, or inserting soil in pallet, hanging flower pot with hose clamps to make the planter stand, easy to craft, neat and clean to plant and change. see how Kelly made her pallet planter.

Hanging Clay Pot Pallet Planter-Pallet Gardening Ideas-DIYHowto Create A Pallet Garden

Image and Instructions:

Herb Garden From A Pallet

Instead of directly placing plants in pallet structure, we can also place planter pots directly in structure. You can paint names of plants on pallet which kinda looks cool, but chalkboard labels would be another perfect choice for change.

Herb Garden From A Pallet-Pallet Gardening Ideas-DIYHowto Create A Pallet Garden

Image and Instructions:

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