Amigurumi Lion Crochet Patterns

A Collection of Amigurumi Lion Crochet Free Patterns and Paid as usual at the bottom. The king of the Jungle
Our Crochet Channel is going to share  is the Lion Amigurumi as the leader to embrace the ceremony of the new series: Animal & Wildlife Amigurumi. This dominant wild animal hence has been made a part of various kids cartoon series and also of storybooks that have won the heart of millions of kids! in case of bravery, the lions are at the top of the list. These crochet lion stuffed toys are one of the perfect play buddies for the kids and will just be softer and harmless type of toys also for the innocent babies! the best yarn friends of your babies to play with at day or night time! We would love to invite you crochet fans to join our Pinterest Group for the latest and be sure to follow our Crochet & Knitting Page for the latest.

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01. Leon the Lion

Crochet Leon the Lion Amigurumi Free Pattern - #Amigurumi; #Lion; Crochet Free Patterns

It is a great size as a hug-gable softies toy, hence, it is absolutely lovely to make for children as a gift. Image and Free Pattern: Craft Passion

02. Lyon the Lion

Crochet Leon the Lion Amigurumi Free Pattern - #Amigurumi; #Lion; Crochet Free Patterns

Make the imagination of your kids alive with this cute lion Amigurumi as a part of their favorite toys. The attractive features and the lovely hues of the yarn make this lion touch the peak of beauty and bravery. Image and Free Pattern: tarturumies

03. Laurence the Lion

Crochet Laurence the Lion Amigurumi Free Pattern - #Amigurumi; #Lion; Crochet Free Patterns

He may be king of the jungle, but Laurence is the sweetest lion you’ll ever meet. His defining characteristics are his big brown nose and adorable scallop mane. Image and Free Pattern : Jess Huff

04. Ragdoll Lion

Crochet Ragdoll Lion Amigurumi Free Pattern - #Amigurumi; #Lion; Crochet Free Patterns

You can quickly crochet it in the parts by separately making the head, legs, body, feet and then connecting them all to form an adorable lion whole. Image and Free Pattern : spinayarncrochet

05. Cuddle Me Lion

Crochet Cuddle Me Lion Amigurumi Free Pattern - #Amigurumi; #Lion; Crochet Free Patterns

Another unique and fun looking lion amigurumi for you to work up with the custom lion shades of the yarn. Image and Free Pattern: Amigurumi Today

06. Little Bigfoot Lion

Crochet Little Bigfoot Lion Amigurumi Free Pattern - #Amigurumi; #Lion; Crochet Free Patterns

This gorgeous lion amigurumi with pretty colors and lovely features to win the hearts of your little ones in no time. Image and Free Pattern : Amigurumi To Go

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