Cooking Outdoors With These DIY Outdoor Smoker Projects

Smoked meat and seafood brings in a different tasty flavors and deliciousness to your bud, which you cannot get from regular grill. A quality smoker may cost your hundred or even thousand of dollars plus. Let alone the grill smoker! If you use a smoker often, it is well worth the money, but if not, try to switch to the cheap DIY ones you can create your own.

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Clay Pots are always among the top list to craft, DIY clay pot smoker make you control over its size, price and quality yourself. We usually use a big flower clay pot,  cooking grate (circular), a cast pan, an oven thermometer,a burner and other small parts to make one in hours, and the design can be diversified as these inspirational projects below.

DIY Terra Cotta Clay Pot Smoker Instructions Video

Image and Instructions: Instructables, Mother Earth News

Goshgoes posted a flower pot smoker using cast iron skillet, grill grate and a single burner and the most important that lid with handle that make the lid easier to carry during smoking, and the intact design make this smoker easy to breakdown and move around.

DIY Clay Pot Smoker Instructions

Image and Instructions: Instructables

Use bricks or flower pot feet to lift the pot so the wire go through the bottom of the flower pot easily.

DIY Terra Cotta Clay Pot Smoker Instructions

Image and Instructions: Instructables

Tandoor oven is a type of oven you can make using a few terracotta pots. The unit is small enough to be portable. You can use it on a deck, patio, or take it with you to a bonfire.

DIY Clay Pot Tandoor Oven Instructions

Image and Instructions: Instructables & Simple Nick  on Youtube

We often see great deals with this BBQ kettle grill under 50 dollars, it’s worth the price if your want to add one for your outdoor and make full use of it by turning it into a temporary smoker when needed.

DIY Kettle Grill Smoker Instructions

Image and Instructions: Simply Recipes

Metal drum are another brilliant recycle material to make a smoker. Cut two metal barrels and weld so as to make a T shape. Then cut doors in the lower and upper barrel. Drill holes in the upper barrel for the smoke to rise up. Assemble a grill in the top compartment and fix handles. Attach a chain to the door of upper barrel and hinges to the door of the lower barrel and you are done.

DIY Metal Drum Smoker Instructions

Image and Instructions:  The At-home Welder

A cedar smoke house is a country looking addition to your backyard if wood firing is allowed. The cost is lower and you can customize the size to fit it in your yard. The whole construction requires some carpenter skills with cinder blocks as base. Don’t forget to treat your wood with wax or oil to sustain it longer.

DIY Cedar Smoke House Construction Instructions

Image and Instructions: Smoking Meat Forum