DIY Puppy Paw Print Craft Ideas [Picture Instructions]

Puppies and Dogs are the best fur friends for us, their royalty and companion for family has made themselves been a family member. We have some ways to show our love and care to them, and paw print crafts our Craft Channel is going to share today will be one of the perfect way to present our relationship. We can keep tracking of puppy paws as they grow at different intervals to make these crafts with kids as well as family members. Be gentle with your loved puppies, use safe paints and clean them afterward, we sure you will enjoy the fun and happy time as well as the reminder of friendship in their lifetime.

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01. Puppy Paw Print Wall Art

The most direct way is to print puppy paws on paper or canvas. eHow has a great article to choose Safe Paints to Use for Making a Dog Paw Print that worth reading before we start our own project.

DIY Puppy Paw Print Wall Art Instruction-Paw Print Craft Ideas Projects

Image and Instructions: The Hamby Home & Decor by The Seashore

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02. Paw Print Salt Dough Ornament

While salt dough is easy and safe for puppies to get involved in holiday decoration.

DIY Puppy Paw Print Salt Dough Christmas Ornament Instruction --Paw Print Craft Ideas Projects

Image and Instructions: Crafty MorningCaught On A Whim

02. Puppy Paw Print Flower

Paint your puppy paws with safe and washable paints and create beautiful flower petals on a canvas.

DIY Puppy Paw Print Flower Instruction --Paw Print Craft Ideas Projects

Image and Instructions: Party PinchingCrafty Morning

04. Puppy Paw Print Pumpkin Lantern

Carve a Howl-O-Lantern with your puppy paw as mold, this can be fun with plastic or real pumpkins in Halloween.

DIY Puppy Paw Print Pumpkin Lantern Instruction --Paw Print Craft Ideas Projects

Image and Instructions: Great Wolf BlogHeart Prints Pets & Easy Free Patterns

05. Paw Print Stepping Stone

Make a garden stepping stone to memorize your puppies with concrete and rocks. If you want to make stepping stones with cake pan, there are some step by step instructions available, too.

DIY Puppy Paw Print Memory Garden Stepping Stone Instruction --Paw Print Craft Ideas Projects

Image and Instructions: Brenna Emes on Pinterest & Learn 2 Grow