DIY PVC Boot Dryer [Video]

This PVC boot dryer is essential for all of us. It’s true that boots are a fact of life especially in winter, no matter for men or women, old or young. Wearing boots to keep feet warm and dry, but sometimes even those leather boots such as Nikes, Clarks, Ecco bicycle or mountain boots for men are soaked from a rainy jog or get moist from splash puddle water. And even Ladies Steven Maiden or UGGs are drained in sweat. We need some solution to keep our boots dry to fight against dampness and possible bacteria and fungi for our feet.

This simple homemade boot dryer hack we are going to show you is made from PVC pipes. By cutting the PVC pipes and assemble to make the rack with 2 arms and 2 feets with a blowing hole at top. Connect the hair dryer in the final step and place the ends of the pipes inside your boots. You will only need a hair dryer and a set of PVC pipes to create your own, and it can be used practically use this homemade dryer for different clothing items or shoes, but let’s focus on boots first.   So clever and simple!

Howto DIY PVC Boot Dryer [Video]

Howto DIY PVC Boot Dryer [Video] Howto DIY PVC Boot Dryer [Video] Howto DIY PVC Boot Dryer [Video] Howto DIY PVC Boot Dryer [Video]Howto DIY PVC Boot Dryer [Video]

Get the full instructions of this homemade Boot dryerInstructables – Boot Dryer  by  

Actionace shared the video instruction of Boot & Glove Dryer with this PVC idea, but adjusted a bit with 90 T blow-in hole:

Credit: Actionace