12 Fashionable DIY Ways to Refashion Heels

A collection of fashionable Collection of DIY Ways Refashion Heels Ideas and Tutorials : Crochet Old Shoes, Mod Podge, Comic, Add Tassel to Heels, Sandals, Pumps and more. Ladies are tend to buying new pairs of shoes for new designs, no matter the shoes is comfortable or not. And today our Fashion Channel is going to share a chic list of ways to refashion heels into new ones for all these heels obsessives. There are so many do-it-yourself ways to to change your original shoes into new fashions whether you want to turn your old heels into new or buy a comfortable shoes but want a lift up of their appearance. Scroll down and get inspired to make your dream heels come true!

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Women Fashion Hacks That Have Changed Daily Routine

01. Crochet Leather Heels Crochet Leather Heels Free Pattern - DIY Ways Refashion Heels Instructions

Image and Free Pattern: Live Master

02.  Mod Podge Comic Heels

Cut pictures out of comic books and use the Mod Podge to your shoes.

DIY Mod Podge Comic Heels Shoes Instruction - DIY Ways Refashion Heels Tutorials

Image: Iron Spy; Video: AMI Club Wear on Youtube

03. Leather Wing Decor

DIY Leather Wings Ankle Boots Decor Instruction - DIY Ways Refashion Heels Tutorials

Image and Instructions: Live Master

04. DIY Glitter Heels

DIY Glitter Heels Instruction - DIY Ways Refashion Heels Tutorials

Image and Instructions: Post Grad Crafts

05.  DIY Neon Painting Leather Shoes

DIY Neon Painting Leather Shoes Instruction - DIY Ways Refashion Heels Tutorials

Image and Instructions: Yes Style

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