DIY Wood Crate Coffee Table Free Plans [Picture Instructions]

Wood Crates are extremely handy and can be used a basic unit for many wood furniture by stacking or arranging them in different sorts of layouts. A wood coffee table can be expensive if we get it from store, and now we can make full use of these crates to make crate coffee table! Our Home Furniture Channel today is going to make a list on how to make wood crate coffee table with different solutions to meet our space requirements, square or rectangle, with storage or with stools, all with little skills and less cost.  We can follow the build up plan to make wood crate ourselves from basic 2×4 or 2×6, from wood scratch, pallet woods or we can just buy wine crate directly.

It’s easy to re-purpose wooden crates into coffee table by assembling the wine crates in square or rectangular form. Just find to size that can meet our demands to fit the room, paint, stain or transform images, rethink our whole plan before assembly. And these coffee tables can be perfect addition to living room, guest room or working as side table next to sofa sets. Scroll down to see any inspirations you get to make your own.

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01. How to Make Your Own Wood Crate?

Kurt H3 shares his $3 wood crate using basic 2*4 wood, it’s easy to cut and screw crate, but it’s important to choose a sturdy wood to make your furniture last longer, a pressure-treated lumber wood would be a good choice.

How to Make Wood Crate Instruction-DIY Wine Wood Crate Coffee Table Free Plans

Image and Instructions: Instructables.

02. Two-Crate Coffee Table

DIY Wine Wood Crate Coffee Table Free Plans - Two-Crate Coffee Table

Image and Instructions: Home Depot Blog

03. Four-Crate Coffee Table on Wheels

The coffee table can be functional with space in the middle for candles, plants or flowers. And there is more space along all four sides to serve as extra storage.

DIY Wine Wood Crate Coffee Table Free Plans - Four-Crate-Coffee Table on Wheel

Image and Instructions: Remove And Replace; Instructables

04. Six-Crate Coffee Table

With the same idea, but arrange them into rectangle using 6 wood crates, add extra board in the middle  as the candle shelf, or place a piece of glass as top.

DIY Wine Wood Crate Coffee Table Free Plans - Six-Crate Coffee Table

Image and Instructions: Gon Forum

05. Another Version of 6-Crate Coffee Table

Make your table higher by using the longer side vertically and screwing another layer of wooden table top.

DIY Wine Wood Crate Coffee Table Free Plans - Six-Crate Coffee Table

Images:  101 PalletsPallet Furniture DIY

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