DIY Clay Pot Garden Craft Projects [Picture Instructions]

There’s nothing you can’t make from a flower clay pot! Terracotta Clay Pot Crafts are so versatile and easy accessible that you can create any garden decoration art on your very own design, cute and adorable and whimsical to the extreme! With a bit of time and creativity, you can turn something ordinary into extraordinary. The great thing about these terracotta pot craft projects is that you don’t necessarily have to use brand new pots, if you’ve got some old ones hidden somewhere then why not put them to good use! These DIY Clay Pot Garden Craft Projects are something both easy to make and fun to enjoy. With some creative arrangement and artistic painting, your plain terracotta clay pot can be popped into something fairy magic for an appealing decoration in your garden.

Make a happy frog gardener with clay pot and clay saucer as flower planter, bird feeder or tiny water feature in garden for a warm weather garden decoration.

Terracotta Clay Pot Frog DIY Clay Pot Garden Craft Projects

Image and Instructions:  Craftideas / Image: Pinterest

Puppy planters on porch, front door or garden can be created with your artistic talents beaming.

Terracotta Clay Pot Puppy Planter DIY Clay Pot Garden Craft Project

Image: Love this Pic / Instructions: Craft Ideas

It could be lots of fun creating these adorable terracotta turtles to decorate the garden or patio, with or without planters, candles on its top.

Terracotta Clay Pot Turtle DIY Clay Pot Garden Craft Projects

Image and Instructions: Chef Ping Creates (Broken Link) / Patcatans

Bumble bees and Ladybugs are not only the favorites for kids, but most of us to bring life into garden.

Terracotta Clay Pot Bee DIY Clay Pot Garden Craft Projects

Image:  kiflieslevendula.blogspot.nlPinterest /  Instructions: Patcatans

Add lights with this stacked clay pot lighthouse along the walk way or front garden.

Terracotta Clay Pot Lighthouse DIY Clay Pot Garden Craft Projects

Image and Instructions:

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