These DIY Outdoor PVC Canopy Ideas Make Your Outdoor Even More Inviting

Keep in the shade this coming summer while enjoying your time outdoors, Sunshades  and canopy designs made of outdoor fabrics are a creative and simple alternatives to awnings and traditional canopies that save money and personalize your outdoor decor.  This Suntracking Shelter is such an awesome gadgetgit for your garden! It is a unique sun shelter that boasts of an adjustable canopy which is capable of delivering respite from the sun regardless of the time of the day. Besides, a couple of canopy panels will be able to slide along the shelter’s frame, where they then lock into place in order to deliver shade regardless of where the sun is. This Suntracking Shelter, a unique design from Hammacher Schlemmer, with its frame is 7′ high and covers nearly 60′ sq., enabling set up over a patio table or three beach chairs. The frame is made from durable anodized aluminum (use PVC!) and has four 8″-diameter stainless steel feet. The back panel is optional, but would be good to have!

Outdoor Suntracking PVC Canopy Shelter

Images: Hammacher Schlemmer

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