Wayuu Mochila Tapestry Crochet Free Patterns [Tips & Instructions]

A Guide and Collection of Mochila Tapestry Crochet Free Patterns and inspirations. This trend of tapestry crochet has been getting popular quietly around the world, and if you want to bring this exotic tribe touch of crochet technique into your home and fashion this year, don’t miss out the collections and tips our  Crochet Channel has gathered here. It is super fun to use each stitch as a pixel and design those patterns, by crochet yarns of different colors together, and switching with yarn over other colors in progress.  Scroll down and see how to start your own tapestry crochet with some useful tips and patterns to help you get hang out of it.

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01. Tapestry Crochet Harlequin

First we need a detailed introduction on tapestry crochet, there are many tutorials around the line, and we picked the following tapestry crochet with step by step picture instruction as well as written pattern by  from Little Woolie Blogspot. There are some other crochet guides from Red Heart and Mama in a Stitch that we recommend if you are just learning this fun crochet technique.

Tapestry Crochet Harlequin Free Pattern -Tapestry Crochet Free Patterns

Image and Free Pattern: Little Woollie

How to Multi-Color Tapestry Crochet & Tips

Crochet along more than 2 colors you may use in a project as following, especially with the bags which need to crochet all yarns into patterns as bottom.

How to Multi-Color Tapestry Crochet Tips and Free Pattern -Tapestry Crochet Free Patterns

Image and Free Pattern: Yarn Plaza

Video: Chabe Patterns on Youtube

02. How to Prevent Your Yarn from Tangling

Tangling is one of the major problem to conquer if you crochet with more than 2 colors of yarn, organize your yarn in holders is one of the best way to keep your crochet in smooth. Here is a nice top to prevent yarn from tangling.

José Visser, senor knitter tells how to do tapestry crochet with tips to prevent tangling, change colors, crochet perfect flat work and more on her blog.

How to Tapestry Crochet as Beginner Free Pattern, Detangle Yarn, Yarn Tension Tips

Image and Free Pattern with Tips: Atelier Sopra

And a video that can help prevent your crochet process from being a mess.

Video: Marion on Youtube

03. How to Change Yarn Colors

Image and Free Pattern Video: Happy Ganchillo on Ravelry

Video: Lanas y ovillos on Youtube

04. Tapestry Cosmetic Bag

Tapestry Cosmetic Bag Free Pattern -Tapestry Crochet Free Patterns

Image and Free Pattern: Fil Katia on Ravelry; Vidoe: Katia on Youtube

05. Tapestry Crochet Drops Bag

Tapestry Crochet Drops Bag Free Pattern -Tapestry Crochet Free Patterns

Image and Free Pattern: Garn Studio Top Left; Top Right & Bottom

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