Bookcase Bookshelf DIY Ideas Free Plan [Picture Instructions]

Reading gives you wealth. We started reading at kids age, and the books are getting their height. A bookcase or bookshelf is necessary for all the reading worms at all ages, they are not only functional but decorative as well, and our Home Channel today shares the DIY projects to build your own bookcase for kids and adults. If you have a luxury house, you can build a chair bookshelf or a bookshelf door with secret room behind. And The dollhouse bookshelf and the Tetris Shelf can be designed into bright colors for kids and teens. The recycled old spool or drawers can also be turned into bookcases in less time than building from the wood boards, so what are you waiting for, scrolling down and see which one will be your new project for your home.

01. DIY LUX Chair Bookshelf

It is easy to get and put back the books by sitting in this chair bookshelf, or a bookcase chair to be exact. The price on etsy may make you hesitate but if you are confident in your wood skills, it can be a proud for your family to make one on your own.

DIY LUX Chair Bookshelf /Bookcase Chair Instruction-Free Plan

Image: The Library Chair on Etsy; Instructions: Instructables

02. DIY Recycled Spool Bookcase

Recycle old spool can be easier if you have one, clean the surface, paint and dry, add shelves around or keep it as original. It can be perfect corner table or coffee table with book storage beneath.

DIY Recycled Spool Bookcase Coffeetable Instruction

Image and Instructions: Pinkx Stitches Blogspot; Pinterest

03. Side Dresser Bookshelf

Drill cutlery trays directly at both sides of dresser to make a reading corner for kids, easy and functional to save extra space for kids room.

DIY Dresser Side Bookshelf Instructions

Image and Instructions:  On the Banks Of Squaw Creek

04. Drawer Bookshelf

Got old drawers? Don’t worry, there are so many ways to recycle drawers, and this drawer bookshelf can be another addition to your corner space.

DIY Recycled Drawer Bookshelf Bookcase Instructions

Image and Instructions: Brack Who BlogCrafty nest

05. Dr. Who Tardis Bookshelf

Create more Tardis furniture and decorations to meet our passion and love of DR. WHO.

DIY Tardis Bookshelf Bookcase Cabinet Instructions Free Plan

Image and Instruction: DIY How To

06. Hidden Bookcase Door

Hide your secret room with bookshelf with mystery and fun.

DIY Hidden Bookcase Door Instructions Free Plans

Image: Fresh Home; Instructions: This is CarpentryInstructables

07. Kids Dollhouse Bookcase

Build a doll house book shelf or storage shelf for kids, or recycle your ordinary bookshelf with angled roof.

DIY Kids Dollhouse Bookcase Instructions Free Plan

Image and Instructions: Simple As That Blog; Anna White

08. DIY Tetris Shelf

Love the geometry shelf, play with it by arranging it into different shelves to change the whole room decoration.

DIY Tetris Shelf Bookcase Instruction Free Plan

Image: Guff Canadian Home Workshop;  Instructions: Instructables