20 Crochet Easter Chicken Free Patterns

Chicken Amigurumi

Amigurumi Chicken Crochet Free Pattern #Chicken; #Easter;

If you intend on giving this doll to a child under 3 years old, it is highly suggested you use yarn eyes in place of the plastic safety eyes. Image and Free Pattern: Megan A’s Ravelry Store

Chicken Birb Amigurumi

Amigurumi Chicken Birb Crochet Free Pattern #Chicken; #Easter;

This little crocheted Chicken amigurumi measures about 3 inches tall when finished and includes a full-length unique video tutorial to help you get through the tough parts! Image and Free Pattern: Club Crochet


Amigurumi Chicken Crochet Free Pattern #Chicken; #Easter;

This unique crocheted chicken amigurumi makes a fun addition to any farmhouse-style decor; add it to a wreath, a mantel display, or as an accent pillow on an entryway bench. Or just to play with and have fun! Image and Free Pattern in Video: Complicated Knots

Reversible Chicken

Amigurumi Reversible Chicken Crochet Pattern #Chicken; #Easter;

Meet the rooster and the hen in one plushie! Yes, It is the reversible chicken amigurumi! This amigurumi will be a unique, original toy for you or a special gift for your loved one. Image and Paid Pattern: Febby Pranajaya

Crochet Kipje Chicken Kitty Amigurumi

Amigurumi Kipje Chicken Crochet Free Pattern #Chicken; #Easter;

This  is a basic crochet pattern. You  can choose to use multiple colors and sew felt dots on it, but it is also nice to  use one color. Simply  vary  and you will make a different chicken every time. Image and Free Pattern: Stip & Haak [English] & Sils Corner [Dutch]

Golden Chicken & Egg

Crochet Golden Chicken & Egg Amigurumi Free Pattern

These two free amigurumi patterns came in just in time for the upcoming Easter, great for Easter decoration, keyring charms, hanging ornament as well as Easter basket stuffers. Image and Free Pattern: Craft Passion

Chicken Shelly & Chick Yoko

Amigurumi Chicken Shelly & Chick Yoko Crochet Pattern #Chicken; #Easter;

This is an original pattern to crochet your own cute Chiken & Chick! Image and Paid Pattern: LoopyPattern

Stupid Hen

Amigurumi Stupid Hen Crochet Pattern #Chicken; #Easter;

Stupid hen has made everybody smile since the day I first showed her to the world! She is cute, and funny, and a little stupid. Image and Paid Pattern: lilleliis

Cheryl the Chicken

Amigurumi Cheryl the Chicken Crochet Pattern #Chicken; #Easter;

heryl takes her responsibilities very seriously, whether it be tidying her nest, looking after her latest batch of eggs or scratting around for some tasty corn to eat. She may be the busiest chicken in the coop but she still finds plenty of time to gossip with the other hens. Image and Paid Pattern: Moji-Moji Design

Ruffled Easter Chickens

Amigurumi Ruffled Easter Chickens Crochet Free Pattern

You can use all types of yarn – just use a needle that fits your yarn choice. Scroll down for the English pattern. Image and Free Pattern: Zoomsnoren Blogspot

Amigurumi New Year Rooster 

Amigurumi New Year Rooster Cock Crochet Free Pattern

Image and Free Pattern: Strana Mam

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