10 DIY Cake Pan Stepping Stones Projects [Picture Instructions]

Pathways and walkways are the connecting points for many elements in a garden. They can lead the way and tell a story. Stepping stones are one element homeowners can use to add an a uniqueness to their garden which cannot be found anywhere else. Making your own personal stepping stones is can be as easy as these cake pan stepping stones our Garden Channel is going to share today. As with many projects around the house, sometimes what we need is a little inspiration and direction. As the weather gets warmer plenty of people will be spending more time outside tending to their gardens. Rather than get your shoes dirty or accidentally step on a precious flower bed, creating stepping stones through your garden is an excellent DIY project!

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Create stepping stone with broken glass or China is a great way to recycle your accidental trash into beautiful garden wonders, arrange the patterns to make it more attractive for garden decoration.

DIY Mosaic Cake Pan Stepping Stone Instructions

Image and Instructions: Midwest Living

You don’t even have to buy mold to make garden stepping stones, get a non-stick cake pan of any shapes.

DIY Mosaic Cake Pan Stepping Stone Pathway Instructions

Image and Instructions: Intimate weddings

Turn something devastating into something beautiful. These broken dish stepping stones could be something special for any garden pathway.

DIY Broken Dish Cake Pan Stepping Stone Pathway Instructions

Image and Instructions: Over The Big Moon

Even kids can get active with their precious handprints or footprints over it, put name and year on and keep making it every year to make a kid growth pathway.

DIY Cake Pan Handprint Stepping Stone with Kids Instructions

Image and Instructions: Enchanted Mommy

Build in a Secret Key Hider under your Mosaic Stepping Stone so you will never get locked out.

DIY Mosaic Stepping Stone with Secret Key Hider Instruction-DIY Cake Pan Stepping Stones Garden Path Projects

Image and Instructions: Sadie Seasongoods 

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