DIY Concrete Planter Ideas Projects [Picture Instructions]

No matter it is apartments or house, we all love to decorate our homes and garden with green plants and fresh flowers. We can go to buy ready-to-go planter directly, but some times you just cannot find the exact design to meet your needs, besides most likely you will have same planters as your neighborhood. Join our Garden Community and get creative to make your own with concrete and some recycled stuff around our house? Save your money and make Concrete Planter Pots for your garden, porch and landscaping. There are some interesting planter ideas ready as following.

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01. Concrete Towel Planter

Use old cloth and cement to make Draped Hypertufa Planters!! Can you believe how easy it can be? We only need a bag of powdered cement, mix it with water at approximately 1:4 rate. Cut drain hoses of cloth and soak cloth until saturated. Hang over the shape you want, let dry in the sun. You can even apply a cement sealer for extra protection and bright colors.

DIY Cement Draped Hypertufa Planter-Concrete Planter DIY Ideas Projects

Image and Instructions: The Hypertufa Gardener

Make this fun towel planter with the same idea: Mix up your cement by adding water to the ready-mix concrete in the proper ratio. place the towel over a bucket and make sure any wrinkles on top are flattened. This is important so that the towel has a flat bottom when hardened. Let the towel dry for one or two days, to make sure it’s completely hardened. The thickness of both the towel and concrete affect the drying time. The towel must be allowed to cure completely or it will eventually lose its shape. Then turn it upside down, remove the bucket.

Video: Winterspring Studios LLC on Youtube

DIY Draped Concrete Towel Planter Pot-Concrete Planter DIY Ideas Projects

Image: DIY Craft Project; Instructions: The Rustic Willow

02. DIY Plastic Bottle Concrete Swan Planter

Plastic bottle is a great supply to make planters by cutting and hanging. A.K uses the large plastic bottle in an extraordinary way, he combines plastic bottle, wire and cement to make this beautiful swan planter which may cost over 100 dollars from website store.

DIY Plastic Bottle Concrete Swan Planter Instructions- Concrete Planter Ideas

Image: Berkshire Stoneware UK; and Instructions: Live Internet Russia

03. Pumpkin Concrete Planter

DIY Pumpkin Concrete Planter Instructions- DIY Concrete Planter Ideas #Gardening

Image and Instructions: eHow

04. 4-Step Paver Planter

DIY 4-Step Paver Planter Instructions- DIY Concrete Planter Ideas #Gardening

Image and Instructions: BHG Gardening

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