DIY Recycled Tire Planter Ideas for Your Garden [Picture Instructions]

Our Garden Projects is a place to inspire you create different projects to keep you relax while working on garden. And today we are going to recycle old tires, there are many possible ways to turn old tires into beautiful planters for gardening as well as garden decoration. They can be cut or painted into different animal shapes. Stack them into cascading planter gardens, paint them into different animals, or just drill and hang them on trees or walls. Try to beautify them with bright paints or just leave it as they are. See what we have brought to you on both pages by scrolling down to the bottom.

01. DIY Tire Parrot Planter

Cut off the tire by leaving the inner ring, paint them into parrot or rooster and make them as hanging planter, bright and fun.

DIY Tire Parrot Planter - DIY Tire Planter Ideas

Image and Instructions: We Heart Parrots Blogspot

02. DIY Ladybug Tire Planter

Stack one small and one large tire, and attach a plastic flower pot, paint them into lovely ladybird.

DIY Ladybug Tire Planter - DIY Tire Planter Ideas

Image and Instructions: Two Women and A HoeImperfect Women

03. DIY Tire Frog Planter

DIY Frog Tire Planter - DIY Tire Planter Ideas

Image: DIY How ToGarden Web Forum;  Two Women and A Hoe

04. DIY Tire Planter Flower Pot

An interesting way by cutting one side of the tire in zig zag and reverse it to make tire flower pot with stand.

DIY Tire Planter Flower Pot-DIY Tire Planter Ideas

Image: Tejidosmililopez blogspot; Instructions: Hubpages

05. DIY Hanging Tire Planter

Paint and hang the tire directly by drilling the drainage bottom, and plant flowers to decorate trees, porches and empty fence or wall.

DIY Hanging Tire Planter - DIY Tire Planter Ideas

Image and Instructions: DIY Show Off

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