Fun Kids Cat Hat Crochet Patterns

A collection of Fun Kids Cat Hat Crochet Patterns, free with paid at bottom as usual. Don’t leave your little pussy cats behind after Crochet Women Cat Hat, you can also create these adorable little wild & fierce look with cat ears at the top of young ladies, too. Today our Crochet Channel  is going to share the Fun Kitty Cat Hat crochet patterns with cat face, and fuzzy ears. There are different patterns either with ear flap or easy beanie. You can adjust the yarn thickness or stitches according to your actual needs or down size for kids. Scroll down and see which one your little girls would love and be Sure to join our Pinterest Group for the latest and be sure to follow our Crochet Page, too.

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01. Cheshire Cat Hat

Cheshire Cat Hat Crochet Free Pattern - Fun Kids #Cat; #Hat; #Crochet; Patterns

Image and Free Pattern: Lovable Loops

02. Black Cat Hat

Black Cat Hat Crochet Free Pattern - Fun Kids #Cat; #Hat; #Crochet; Patterns

if you just happen to like black cats…. or any cats for that matter since this hat could be made in any color! Image and Free Pattern: Repeat Crafter Me

03. Valentines Kitty Hat

Valentines Kitty Hat Crochet Free Pattern - Fun Kids #Cat; #Hat; #Crochet; Patterns

Image: AmyJoyP;  and Free PatternKnot Your Nana’s Crochet

04. Kitty Hat

Kitty Hat Crochet Free Pattern - Fun Kids #Cat; #Hat; #Crochet; Patterns

This pattern written in three sizes, is fairly simple, and requires no sewing/stitching of seams. Image and Free Pattern: LeLe Fox on Ravelry

05. Blue Star Cat-hat with Cute Flower

Blue Star Cat Hat with Cute Flower Crochet Free Pattern - Fun Kids #Cat; #Hat; #Crochet; Patterns

Image and Free Pattern: Crochet by Ellej

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