10 Crochet Candle Jar Cozy Free Patterns

A colletion of Crochet Candle Jar Cozy Free Patterns. Our Crochet Channel  is going to share a list of easy crochet jar cozies for Summer night. These jar cozies are easy for beginners to learn new stitches using yarn scraps, and they are well designed to illuminate your candles or tealights through, shell stitch, fan stitch, arcade stitch or any openwork stitches can work, scroll down and see some of the picks out of the tree and get stitched out to create your own.

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01. Crochet Tealight Holder Shell Jar Cover

Crochet Tealight Holder Shell Jar Cover Free Pattern By Ólöf Lilja

Image and Free Pattern: Fondrari Blogspot

02. Crochet Tealight Holder Shell Jar Cover  Crochet Tealight Holder Shell Jar Cover Free Pattern By LuluLoves

Image and Free Pattern: Lululoves

03. Crochet Shells & Lace Jar Candle Cover  Crochet Shells & Lace Jar Candle Cover Free Pattern By Esther Chandler

Image and Free Pattern: Make My Day Creative

04. Crochet Quick DC Jar Cover Crochet Quick DC Jar Cover Free Pattern By Annemarie Benthem

Image and Free Pattern: Annemarieshaak Blog

05. Crochet Tea Light Candle Cosy Crochet Tea Light Candle Cosy by Angela Armstrong

Image and Free Pattern: Angela Armstrong on Ravelry

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