Top Gardening Tip to Regrow Rose on Potatoes

The top tip of growing a wild rose garden is to grow roses on potatoes after cutting the stem. Many of us may have heard about this garden trick and tried by simply pushing the cut bottom end of the stem into a small potato before planting rose cutting, which keeps the cuttings moist as they develop roots. I found baby potato works better due to its extra moist, and it’s not easy to get potato sprouts thereafter. Nobody wants a rose garden with potato vines growing along. Cinnamon and Epson salt are another two organic hormone boosters we should try on rose garden. Let’s go through on how to propagate and transplant rose.

Regrow Rose on Potato from Cutting-Garden Tips to Regrow Flowers From Cut Stems

Image and Instructions: Amateur Gardening

Detailed steps as following:

  1. Dig a trench 6″ (15cm) deep; place an inch or two of sharp sand in the bottom.
  2. Choose a stem – about the thickness of a pencil – from the rose you wish to propagate.
  3. The cutting should be about 9″ (23cm) long. Cut just below a bud at the base.
  4. Insert each cutting so that it is 2/3 buried, making sure that its base is well into the sharp sand. Firm the sand around the base, to exclude as much air as possible. Cuttings should be set about 6″ (15cm) apart.
  5. Replace soil into the trench and firm it in place. Keep the cuttings watered on regular base throughout summer. By November they should have rooted well and be ready for transplanting.

If you got a bunch of rose on your special day, and you can literally propagate yourself by cutting the stem, insert in on organic herb: cinnamon inside the potato before planting in moist soil or sand. While if you see new growth on stem already, cut off the new growth and add Cinnamon to boost its rooting system. Epsom salt can also be beneficial for propagation by cuttings, but be cautious that if the soil is acidic, Epsom salt will make your rose rot because its sulfur content makes the soil more acidic. Visihow has more Q&As which help making your rose garden booming.

Regrow Rose on Potato Cinimon from Cutting-Garden Tips to Regrow Flowers From Cut Stems

Image and Instructions: Visihow

While Visihow also recommend to put a cup of Epsom salt, half cup of sugar, and a few egg shells inside the hole when transplanting your roses, cover your new transplants at the base with mulched leaves or wood chips for winter protection, and fertilize sparingly, but water thoroughly once planted.

Put two tablespoons of Epsom salt at the base of each of your rose bushes to increases the number of blooms, makes them bloom faster and helps to keep your bushes from yellowing. Many rosarians agree that Epsom salts-treated plants produce more new canes at the bottom of the plant (bottom breaks) and darker green foliage. Recommendations on how much to use vary, but generally you can apply 1/2 cup of granules in spring before buds first begin to open and 1/2 cup in fall before leaves drop. Apply a foliar spray (1 tablespoon per gallon of water per foot of shrub height) after the leaves open in spring and again at flowering.

Epsom Salt for Rose Garden-Gardening Tips to Regrow Flowers From Cut Stems

Image and instructions: Eat Drink Garden