20 Crochet Bunny Applique Free Patterns

17. Bunny Rabbit Applique motifs

Bunny Rabbit Applique motifs Crochet Free Pattern - #Crochet; Bunny #Applique; Free Patterns

The rabbit could be equally an Easter decoration or used on baby and children’s items. Image and Free Pattern: Knit and Crochet Blog

18. Hoppity Hop Bunny

Hoppity Hop Bunny Applique Crochet Free Pattern - #Crochet; Bunny #Applique; Free Patterns

Crocheted Easter Bunny in DROPS Merino Extra Fine. Theme: Easter. Image and Free Pattern: Drops Easter

19. Hoppy Bunny Applique

Hoppy Bunny Applique Crochet Free Pattern - #Crochet; Bunny #Applique; Free Patterns

Image and Free Pattern: Tanya Naser’s Ravelry Store

19. Bunny Napkin Ring

Bunny Napkin Ring Crochet Free Pattern - #Crochet; Bunny #Applique; Free Patterns

Dress up your breakfast table with some lovely napkin rings like these. Not only for Easter ! Image and Free Pattern: Millionbells’ Ravelry Store

20. One Round Bunnies

One Round Bunnies Crochet Free Pattern - #Crochet; Bunny #Applique; Free Patterns

These bunnies are so cute and cheerful for springtime. Best of all the are only one round, making them a fast and easy little project. Image and Free Pattern: Fiber Flux

22. Bunny Pin

Bunny Pin Crochet Free Pattern - #Crochet; Bunny #Applique; Free Patterns

Image: Deedee; and Free Pattern: Clever Creations

24. Woodland Rabbit Applique

Woodland Rabbit Applique Crochet Pattern - #Crochet; Bunny #Applique; Patterns

This is applique crochet pdf pattern to personalize your baby knitted clothes, blankets … everything that comes to mind. Use your imagination! Image and Paid Pattern: FancyInfancyCrochet

23. Easter Bunny Appliqué‏

 Easter Bunny Appliqué‏ Crochet Pattern - #Crochet; Bunny #Applique; Patterns

Cute little bunny appliqué for you to make for Easter. Why not make a bunting out of it like I did or sew one onto children’s clothes.. The possibilities are endless.  Image: Pinterest; and Paid Pattern: Love knitting

25. Bunny in Bloom

Bunny in Bloom Crochet Pattern - #Crochet; Bunny #Applique; Patterns

A paid pattern as usual: Crochet bunny out of African Flowers, bunnies can be made different sizes by changing your yarn and hook.  Image and Paid Pattern: The Hat & I

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