10 DIY Garden Planters to Grow Your Own Strawberries

08. DIY Hanging Strawberry Basket

Growing Strawberries in Baskets can be a great way to make extra space for crops in small gardens or on patios, any rope basket or wire basket can be the ideal nest for your strawberry harvest.

DIY Hanging Strawberry Basket Instruction-Gardening Tips to Grow Vertical Strawberries Gardens

Image: Gardeners; Instructions: HGTV Outdoor

09. DIY PVC Strawberry Tower Planter

Grow strawberry in a vertical PVC tube along the fence or using as fence can be great solution for small garden or yard.

DIY Vertical PVC Strawberry Tower Planter Instruction-Gardening Tips to Grow Vertical Strawberries Gardens

Image and Instructions: Urban Green Space Wordpress

10. Straw Bale Strawberry Gardening

If you need a cheap and easy alternative to soil, straw bale will be the perfect alternative which cost almost nothing, but serve as soil as well as planter at the same time. Straw bale provides necessary nutrients to the plant as it decomposes. It’s also incredibly low maintenance. Virtually weed-proof, absorbent bales require less watering than soil and successfully grow not only strawberries but tomatoes who need watering, too. Strawberries grown in gutter if you want with straw between rows. Add netting around the structure to protect against birds.

DIY Straw Bale Strawberry Garden Instruction-Gardening Tips to Grow Vertical Strawberries Gardens

Image: Hometalk, Photoshelter & Instructions: 1001 Gardens

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