15 Halloween Skull Projects Crochet Free Patterns and More

A collection of Crochet Skull Ideas Free Patterns as well as some paid pattern recommendations at the end. Crochet skulls are one of the favorite projects to hook out for Halloween. More than that, many of us also love these cool skull accessories to dress on hat and garments. Today our Crochet Channel going to share the basic skull motifs, granny skulls, and skull shawl and gloves to make for the coming Autumn season. And in addition to the classic white or black, try to use bright Fall colors or colorful colors for sugar skulls, scroll down and crochet some for your family as well as your friends around.

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Creepy Sugar Skulls Slouchy Hat Free Crochet Patterns #Crochet; #Skull; #Halloween; #Hat;

01. Sugar Skull/Creepy Skulls Slouchy Hat: Crochet Slouchy Fit Hat and Hairband/ Ear Warmer pattern. There are two sizes included . Small to medium size is 9 inches long by 21 inches around. And Large is 91/2 long by 22 inches around. Image: Callisto9; and Paid Pattern: Spider Mambo’s Ravelry Store.

Solid Body Skull Scarf Free Crochet Patterns #Crochet; #Skull; #Halloween; #Scarf;

02. Crochet Solid Body Skull Scarf: Increase the number of stitches in the various chains to allow for more give, pattern in English and German. Image and Free Pattern: Stitchnoir

Day of the Dead Shawl Free Crochet Patterns #Crochet; #Skull; #Halloween; #Shawl;

03. Day of the Dead Shawl/Lost Souls Skull Shawl: Bjwinn; and Paid Pattern: Maryetta Roy, or free video tutorial on Youtube.

Lace Skull Shawl Free Crochet Patterns #Crochet; #Skull; #Halloween; #Shawl;

04. Skull shawl: This modified version is simpler and different with regard to stitch count around the skull, in the end having a very satisfactory end result. This shawl is a triangle that grows to desired size. Image: dbkeas; Free Patterns: Kungen och majkis

Lost Souls Scarf Free Crochet Patterns #Crochet; #Skull; #Halloween; #Scarf;

05. Lost Souls Scarf: This lovely scarf is an altered pattern originally designed by Maryetta Roy -Lost Souls Skull Shawl. Image: Startropics; and Free Pattern: Nicole Hancock on Revelry.

Narrow Crochet Skull Scarf Free Crochet Patterns #Crochet; #Skull; #Halloween; #Scarf;

06. Narrow Crochet Skull Scarf: Image: Nadelwerk; and Free Pattern: Nadelwerk’s Ravelry Store.

Skull Gloves Free Crochet Patterns #Crochet; #Skull; #Halloween;

07. Crochet Skull Gloves: A quick crochet last-minute project for the weekend, which will be much appreciated by the little mischievous ones. Image and Free Pattern: Jarbo Se [Translation Needed].

Granny Skull Free Crochet Patterns #Crochet; #Skull; #Halloween;

08. Crochet Granny Skull: Image and Free Pattern: Crochet Nirvana 

Day Of The Dead Skull Free Crochet Patterns #Crochet; #Skull; #Halloween;

09. Crochet Day of the Dead Skull: This motif will be easy to adjust to meet your needs. Image: Ravelry; and Free Pattern: Kristins Krazy Knits 

Lost Souls Bookmarker Free Crochet Patterns #Crochet; #Skull; #Halloween;

10. Lost Souls Bookmarker: This lovely bookmark is an altered pattern originally designed by Maryetta Roy Lost Souls Skull Shawl. Image and Free Pattern: Nicole Hancock’s Ravelry Store. More on Next Page

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