Sweetest Amigurumi Fruits Crochet Free Patterns

A list of Crochet Amigurumi Fruits Free Patterns. Crochet fruits for kids play or home and office decoration. We love fruits for everyday digest, for health. And we teach and are taught from early age the importance of balance the intake of all fruits. Today our Crochet Channel is going to share this fun Amigurumi fruit crochet, teach kids during play time, decorate kids room or even our own harvest table or kitchen. Scroll down and see what fun yummy softies you can create, too.

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01. Pink Grapefruit

Amigurumi Pink Grapefruit Crochet Free Pattern - Amigurumi #Fruits; Free #Crochet; Patterns

Crochet along with me and make an Amigurumi fruit for each month of the year! This adorable Pink Grapefruit is for the month of January! Image and Free Pattern: Yarn Blossom Boutique 

 02. Crochet Tropical Pineapple

Tropical Pineapple Crochet Free Pattern - Amigurumi #Fruits; Free #Crochet; Patterns

Crochet a Tropical Pineapple – Sweet, juicy and fresh! A pineapple is not only yummy, but also a true must have nowadays! From cool prints and designs to a trendy home deco item to style your living room. This fashionable crocheted pineapple is the perfect item to cheer up your living room! Image and Free Pattern: Yarn Plaza

03. Crochet Amigurumi Apple

Amigurumi Apple Crochet Free Pattern - Amigurumi #Fruits; Free #Crochet; Patterns

Image and Free Pattern: Garn Studio & Gateando Crochet

04. Crochet Cherry 

Amigurumi Cherries Crochet Free Pattern - Amigurumi #Fruits; Free #Crochet; Patterns

Just single chain the stems if you value your sanity! Image and Free Pattern: Julia Kelly on Ravelry & Lalylala

05. Crochet Amigurumi Pear 

Amigurumi Pear Crochet Free Pattern - Amigurumi #Fruits; Free #Crochet; Patterns

A realistic, beautifully shaped amigurumi pear. Crochet a bowlful in greens, browns, yellows, and/or reds, to make a stylish decorative centrepiece, or add a pair of safety eyes and an embroidered smile to make a sweet toy Image and Free Pattern: Garn Studio & Planet June

06. Crochet Amigurumi Kiwi

Amigurumi Kiwi Crochet Free Pattern - Amigurumi #Fruits; Free #Crochet; Patterns

Image :Livemaster (Bottom); and Free Pattern: Garn Studio

07. Crochet Amigurumi Watermelon 

Amigurumi Watermelon Crochet Free Pattern - Amigurumi #Fruits; Free #Crochet; Pattern

Image and Free Pattern: Slingo busy

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