This Crochet Caravan Is An Adorable Artwork To Hook

Kate from Greedy for Colour, a seasoned crocheter, is so obsessed with crochet projects and create this adorable crochet little caravan of her own which turns out to be  an incredibly detailed mini artwork.

The classic caravan is embroidered with wheels, doors and windows, every detail indicates how much thought and effort she has done to make her crochet skills so outstanding for all crocheters to follow!

Crochet Caravan Pattern Free

Let’s see its awesome detail from another angel, just wondering what is inside? A fairy decoration for girls room or a fancy bag for ladies? Or even an organization for anyone who love crochets?

Crochet Caravan Pattern Free

Surprise inside!! Along with a superbly recreated bed above the seating area, the windows are dressed with curtain and there’s even a cute cupboard with hanging mini cups on the wall. All inside are crocheted in the finest possible detail.

Crochet Caravan Pattern Free Crochet Caravan Pattern Free
From the sink decorated with cute tiny faucets to hanging chandelier, the pillows and so much more, they are such impressive and inspirational works of crochet art we’ve ever seen!

So luck are we that Kate is generate enough for all the crocheters who are struggling to figuring out how and made a mini caravan pattern available for us who are wondering to get their hooks into some caravan crocheting!

Crochet Caravan Pattern Free

Image and Free Pattern: Greedy For Colour