5 DIY Gourd Craft Projects That Are Beyond Your Thinking

04.  Gourd Bird House

Cut off a hole to make a gourd birdhouse, paint all over to draw patterns to make it more unique for your garden living creatures.

DIY Gourd Bird House Instruction-DIY Gourd Craft Projects

Image: Home Spun with Love Blogspot; Wanelo; Instructions: eHow; Read Also: 20 DIY Bird Feeder Projects

05. Gourd Pinecone Fairy House

The fairy house is super duper for fairy garden decoration, with pine cones or tiny rocks as shingles, decorate with clays and create with your imagination boom.

DIY Gourd Pinecone Fairy House Instruction-DIY Gourd Craft Projects

Image and Instructions: A Little Fur in the Paint Blogspot, Read Also: DIY Pine Cone Craft Ideas

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