5 DIY Gourd Craft Projects That Are Beyond Your Thinking

Dried gourds. just like pumpkins, are popular Fall supply and desiable for craft purposes. Dried gourds can be used to make musical instruments, and various other forms of art mediums. And today our Craft Channel is going to make some fun Fall decorations with dried gourds, including the gourd painting, gourd cutting lanterns, birdhouses and more. Scoll down and create your own fun.

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01.  Painted Gourd Chicken

Paint some gossiping gourd chickens for your Fall porch decorations! You will get so excited to paint with your bright acrylic paints and make these gossip chickens for your home, or you can go to Suzy’s store on Etsy and take a look.

DIY Gossip Paisley Painted Gourd Chicken Instruction-DIY Gourd Craft Projects

Image and Instructions: Suzy’s Sitcom

02. Gourd Lantern

Drill big gourd to create some unique items like chandelier, lanterns and lampshade for use indoors and out.

DIY Gourd Lantern Instruction-DIY Gourd Craft Projects

Image and Instructions: Makezine

Video: Makezine on Youtube

03.  Halloween Gourd Jack-o-Lantern

Use gourd as Halloween themed pumpkins painting and carving as this Jack-O-Lantern, see related No Carve Halloween Pumpkin Decoration DIY Crafts.

DIY Halloween Gourd Jack-o-Lantern Instruction-DIY Gourd Craft Projects

Image: Autumn Reflection; Instructions: Crafts For All Seasons

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