DIY Vertical Pyramid Tower Raised Garden Beds

When we are planning the container gardening in urban or small garden spaces, plan a perfect garden layout but we do not have enough space for all the plants we wish to have, going vertical is the must and ultimate solution. This Vertical Pyramid Tower project will bring to us that extra space we need for gardening and planting.  A pyramid planter is an ideal way of growing great quantity of garden produce, maximize our space as well as the fresh production. They’re easy and inexpensive to build, especially when made from leftover timber wood from previous projects or recycled woods.


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A Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower

DIY Vertical Pyramid Tower Garden Planter

Image and Instructions:

Garden Pyramid Planter

DIY Vertical Pyramid Tower Garden Planter

Image and Instructions:

Herb Pyramid Raised Bed

If we can find the trapezoid cinder block or use pave stones to make this pyramid raised garden. By stacking the blocks in circle and lay the top layer to make as high as you wish.

Herb Pyramid Raised Bed-DIY Vertical Pyramid Tower Raised Garden Beds

Image and Instructions:

Slot Together Pyramid Garden Planter

This handy simple project which makes the plant pyramid easier. It has a slot-based system as its core. You only have to make a few cuts from and into the pieces of a pallet and then just arrange your planks and plants to make your space saving vertical garden.

Slot Together Pyramid Garden Planter-DIY Vertical Pyramid Tower Raised Garden Beds

Image and Instructions: instructables

DIY Vertical Pyramid Tower Garden Planter Video Instructions

Image and Video Instructions: bonnie Plants

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Image: Tumblr /  BSN Tech / Etsy/ SquareFoot Forum

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