20 DIY Porch Decorating Ideas to Make Your Home More Inviting

Your Front Door and Porch is the first impression of your home. It reflects your own personality to some extent. So decorate your porch beautifully is an important task that all home owners need to put on agenda. Now it’s time to make your front porch a even more welcoming appeal after checking through the following inspirational decorations. Our Home Decor Channel has a fabulous collection of 20 DIY porch decorating ideas to make your home even more inviting,  No matter your have a narrow door way of an apartment, or a long porch way or even a large deck of a house, scroll down and decide how best you can bring your styling to your own front porch and make your home more appealing from the curb.

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01. Decorate your front door with Door Wreath

Decorate your wall with wreath or other seasonal decorations.

IY Door Wreath-20 DIY Porch Decorating Ideas Projects

02. Custome Your Front Door Sign

Bring thrift wood into new art piece: this sign is a great addition to any front porch style. Paint it with any color that will compliment your front door and garden.

DIY Thrift Wood Welcome Board-20 DIY Porch Decorating Ideas Projects

Image: From My Front Porch To YoursDesi Bucket

03. Add Plants and Lights

Make a Front Porch Welcome Board behind Flower Pot.

Front Porch Welcome Board with Flower Pot-20 DIY Porch Decorating Ideas Projects

Image: Home Deco 50

Front Porch Flower Pot Chalkboard Sign-20 DIY Porch Decorating Ideas Projects

Image: Home Deco 50

04. A Hanging Swing

A Hanging swing can be a perfect snuggle place for you or your guests to relax. HGTV even added curtains for this beautiful porch area, making it more cozy for entertaining.

Front Porch Swing Lounge-20 DIY Porch Decorating Ideas Projects

Image: HGTV

05. Add Decorative Pillow for Your Patio Seating Set

Outdoor pillows are another great way to bring inside coziness to your front porch.

Front Porch Seating Area-20 DIY Porch Decorating Ideas Projects

Image: Lake Beach Living

06. Front Porch Flower Planter Pot

It’s always right to add green in front of door, with tall flower pot planter or shrubs.

Front Porch Flower Planter Pot-20 DIY Porch Decorating Ideas Projects

Image: Pintify

07.  Built-in Planter Box Garden Bench In One

If you have deck in front door, this built in bench with planter box can be the perfect divider and will save your a lot of space no matter you have deck wall or not.

Front Porch Bench with Flower Pot Pot-20 DIY Porch Decorating Ideas Projects

Image:  the Interior Studio

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